Monday, 1 June 2009

New Card...

I have just been reminded today of a very exciting thing I used to do that I'd forgotten about....and that is create in Paintshop Pro, a graphics programme similar to Photoshop. Some years ago when we first got the computer Faye and I discovered the fun you could have in this programme, that just about any image could be "tubed" and there fore used a stamp virtually on anything printable. So today we rediscovered all the amazing images we had collected and I totally fell in love with these very cute wee "Strawberry Shortcake" type images. Back then I always wanted to print them and make cards, but without all the tools I have now they never matched up to my intentions, but this one, without wanting to sound "big-headed" I'm nuts about.
So I can see this is going to be my latest fad cos there are heaps of images to play with and they just fit the bill of the type of image I've been looking for.
I actually scrapped last night and started and finished a layout in one night! Yeah I know, shock horroe, but I was definitely in the zone. Pics later.
Well I'm off to check out some more of these images.

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