Friday, 20 November 2009

A gorgeous day here,

it's actually too hot for me to sit in the sun. Went for my 3 monthly check up this morning with my hematology/oncologist and was sad to hear that he is retiring at Christmas. He has been my specialist since that dreadfully scary day in November of 2001 and right now I can't imagine this journey without him. Saying thankyou to him this morning just doesn't seem to be enough for all he has done, with his usual wry sense of humour he assured me his colleague who's replacing him is much nicer...I doubt that could be possible.
Apart from that I'm torn between going and doing something in my scrap-room or stacking the new shelves with the linen....mmmm, decisions decisions.
My room is now together so I can actually do something, sat in there one afternoon last weekend and actually started something. I think my trouble at the moment is that i have so many ideas going around in my head I don't know where to start.
Gus seems to be a bit better today, still wheezing way more than I like but he seems happy in himself so that's a good thing.
Well....might go print some piccys it would be a start.
PS. The picture was taken in a gorgeous little French Cafe in Queenstown, it's Les Alpes, and we went there for breakfast before returning home last Friday. It was totally authentic and everywhere you looked there was something that you just wanted LOL.
PPPS. Hope the girls away to the Queenstown Retreat scrapbooking weekend have a wonderful wish I was there.


Beverley said...

So did you choose scrapbooking or linen? Sorry your hematology/oncologist guy is retiring ... hope the new guy is nice.

Rachel said...

Hi Liddy

Thanks so much for leaving a such a nice comment on my blog!
You can always catch a cheap flight down and come scrap with us at the Summer Raincliff retreat!
Just off to have a nosey at your other blog now.
Have a great day!