Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Been thinking

again about doing a Book of Me, it came back to me when I read a challenge from Michele this morning on Facebook, to do a page 10 Things about me. I have often thought of doing A BOM and in fact have talked to Michelle about this so she's got me going again. So with this on my mind I took a couple of pics around the house. The light here is gorgeous this morning, going to be a beautiful day so you know the old story, "New Day New Start so maybe here goes.
The first pic is one of my favourite things around the house at the moment, the sideboard in the dining room. (Actually it's a sewing table but hey it looks the part).
The second one is the collection of photos I have on the table in my room and the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, unless of course there is the fluff-ball cat sitting gazing at me waiting for me to get up LOL! They are of my Mum, sister and her partner. The wooden pieces are some of the remains of Calico Corner, our little craft business.
I'm toying with the idea this morning to go and re-organise something we've been talking about for a few weeks, or to go and play in my scrap-room. I got really involved yesterday afternoon betwwen going to two movies, yeah two movies one day, nuts eh? The first one was "Ballet Russes" which featured Nijinsky ballets and was mind blowingly awesome, and the second one later in the day was "It's Complicated". I definitely would recommend this movie to everyone who loves a movie that makes you laugh,makes you think and at the same time has you studying the gorgeous design ideas in the houses.....or is that just me? Anyway it's well worth seeing. Oh and she works in a restaurant so more eye candy, foodie fixes etc etc.
Anyway the sun is shining so back to it.

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