Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sleepy Saturday Morning.

2012-07-26 17.11.59-1-1Well it’s a very sleepy, dull morning here today. One of those “Is it worth getting out of my dressing gown” days lol!
Or is it just how I’m feeling, time to shake myself up and get on with it I  guess. I finished a card last night and I’m really keen to do more today.
My mood is a bit confused at the moment, with being away from work for so long I found it very hard going back last week, I felt there had been changes in my absence, someone else has stamped their mark on my domain and although I am incredibly grateful I feel very much on the outside, like everything I did was always wrong anyway  and I did them a favour getting sick. See very black mood, but I’m feeling very useless, I know I won’t be able to be ten foot tall and Superwoman any more and now I just have to live with it, and right now living with it is making cards and chilling out so off to do just that!!!!
Watch this space.

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mandyb said...

im sure that feeling is right....someone else does stuff a little different and it becomes the new....
we've had 2 staff members leave on maternity leave and all sorts of stuff is changing....gonna be weird for them to come back too!!!
but sometimes a little change is ideas and all!!!

and love the sleepy gus piccy!!!!

(and the card from the blog post above)