Thursday, 31 January 2013

Now it's Summer.....

and don't we know it! 26degs Celsius at the moment and climbing, it's been a long time since we've had this many awesome days in a row.
And here we are at the end of January! I'm struggling to believe this actually.
I've managed to get back to my card making and finished an order I had for a lady who ordered all her birthday cards from me for her Grand-daughters for this year so that was really cool and exciting. Even better she loves them and is going to order one for her Mum later in the year so it's got me all inspired again to keep making and see where it takes me.
I made boxes for all these cards and put the number on them as well, so I think they'll be pretty cute.
 I keep looking at the new stamps and I'm very tempted to order some, especially the little girl feeding her cat....awwww so cute. I just need to check out the exchange rate and it's done.....too easy.
I really wanted to get started on something today but I was meeting my brother in town for lunch and so I never managed to get started maybe later I've got a couple of ideas floating around.
Poor Gus isn't sure about this heat, and it's harder on him this year cos he's quite wheezy at the best of times, spent about an hour brushing him before and strangely it seemed to help him to feel better, so now he's gone off outside, silly boy it's hotter out there.
So what else is new? I'm right back to my old self only tougher than ever before, I almost feel sorry for anyone who gets in my road lol! Nah not really but I've definitely decided that I ain't going to be pushed around and I'm going to celebrate my achievements and accept that everyone is not perfect so no-one can point the finger, in other words I might be getting older but I ain't over the hill yet!!!!!!!! Phew, the rebel's back  lol!
Now off to print some digi stamps.........yessss!

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