Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Still in Love.....

It must be at least two years since I have used my Magnolia stamps, but lately the urge to create cards with them has been strong. I love the cards the Europeans make with these beautiful stamps. They use such beautiful dies, lace, beads and flowers and I can spend hours drooling over them on-line. So I have decided I have to get back to trying to make those sort of cards again. I have been lucky enough to collect some of the dies and so my latest adventure has begun....not sure how long it will last but right now I'm really keen. My fascination with these cards is all the layers, the lace, the flowers and of course the dies. My problem at the moment is that I spend more time looking on-line than I do making and then I get frustrated, cos I'm not getting anywhere. However I have discovered it's good for me to have a focus, my concentration gets a bit scrambled since my operation and I get a bit over anxious about getting everything perfect, so if my gorgeous Magnolia stamps can help this then it will be fun therapy.
This is of course not a Magnolia stamp but I had fun with this one, the wee stamp came with a magazine, I think she's super-cute.
My best friend and I have decided we are going to do a craft show at the end of the year so I want to start building my stock, and see where this journey takes me.
It's so good to have a fun focus again......watch this space!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Handmade Box for your Prima Doll Tags

Handmade Box for your Prima Doll Tags

This is an awesome tutorial, this box is perfect.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

So Two days from Christmas.....

I find this so hard to believe, that in fact we are two days out from Christmas. So much has happened these last few months that I find it hard to believe that I'm sitting here in the sun, getting ready for Christmas, Well ok, I'm on a coffee break, but I'm trying to be productive!
So three months have passed since I had a Quadruple bypass, and life is just about back to normal. I've started the journey of getting back to work, one shift last week and this week, then three next week and then we'll reassess. It's been a slow but steady journey, a few dramas, a few backward steps but on the whole it's been always heading in the right direction.
I will be eternally grateful to the Surgeons, the doctors and all the nurses who took such good care of me on this journey and I have determined I won't waste their efforts, from now on my life is going to be about enjoying the moment, taking those risks and most of all appreciating all the good people and experiences in my life.
I am going to fill my time with what I enjoy not just work, that's a means to an end, but I have so many things I love to do, that give me huge pleasure and nurture my soul, these are the things that are going to be prioritized.
So here's to a very Happy Christmas and an exciting and adventurous 2015!.
Merry Christmas.


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

So this afternoon I've been working on my album of my journey I've been traveling since August.
One of my lovely friends brought me this gorgeous set of Prima papers when I was first in the hospital and I knew straight away I would use it to do an album of my health journey.
I don't usually scrap much about myself but when this suggestion was made that it might be a good way for me to come to terms with what's happened I decided to be brave and give it a go.
It has proven to be really cool to do and actually easier than I thought it might be. Faye had been taking many candid shots while I was in hospital so my journey had been well documented, some of them are pretty raw so I wasn't sure how they'd go but actually I've been pretty happy with the pages I've done so far.
Despite the fact that I never like photos of me, I've found it really easy to scrap these pictures, I even get excited when I look at them, they tell a story and it's great to be able to look at them and know that things are better than when some of them were taken.
I think it's going to be great to have it to look back on and reflect on this amazing journey. 

So for now this project and enjoying the little things in my daily life is making me so happy, I feel truly blessed.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Where has the time gone?

It has been ages since I updated my blog, I used to be updating it with snippets of news, photos and ideas all the time, but life has changed for me over the past couple of months and I haven't been brave enough to share the facts with too many people. But now that everything is coming together again I feel ready to share what's been happening.
For about a year, maybe longer I just haven't been feeling as good as I usually do, I'd get very tired, short of breath my stress levels would go through the roof at the slightest thing, I just thought it was a normal reaction to a busy life.....ah no I was wrong! My heart was struggling and everything came to a head when I'd been to the doctor and they'd done blood tests and thought I'd had a heart attack! Long story short I was collected from work in an ambulance and carted off to hospital!
After several tests they doubted their heart attack theory but admitted me for further tests.
Well there was blood tests, an ECG, x-rays etc etc and finally the top Cardiac man informed me that the situation really required a Bypass and then I realised this was serious, and it wasn't going to be fixed by adding another pill! I had to make the decision to agree to this, that was a terrifying thing to have to do but somehow it was the less scary option. And so one week and half later it was on! The hospital had been letting me come and go while I was waiting but when I arrived back on that Monday morning and realised it was on for the next day, I went into panic mode! But after having the chance to calm down with the help of my very best friend I decided it was for the best and so the journey began. The night before the surgery I was very calm and went about preparing for the next day. The morning of the surgery was very calm and at around 12.30 they took me to surgery, the team were cracking jokes and miraculously I managed to join in until I fell asleep.
I awoke that night in ICU and was being taken care of by a wonderful nurse and once again I felt incredibly safe and calm.Later that morning I was returned to the ward where I drifted in an out of sleep for a while. Once again the care was fantastic, and the next day I was taken for a walk by the physio guy, well once I found my feet I was determined to find my strength, the sooner I was strong the sooner I could go home!
I was discharged from hospital the following Sunday and a whole new life began.
Sure I felt incredibly fragile, probably more scared than I admitted even to myself but excited that I have a new chance at life, a new and different life. No longer am I terrified that I can't cope with the heat, the cold or over exertion. The burning in my throat, the tightness in my chest have all gone.
It's been six weeks since my surgery and every day I feel stronger and stronger. I have gone through the fear that something will go wrong, I have stopped second guessing every little feeling, I have started to relax and look forward to my future of feeling healthy and stronger. I have no idea how the journey will go from here but I do love that I can go walking and not have to worry about the shortness of breath and the aching in my body. I am calm and can enjoy day to day life.
I will be eternally grateful to the doctors and nurses who made this happen, I am incredibly grateful to my best friend, Faye, who has tirelessly supported me through this whole journey, her sister and my family, the huge job Faye did keeping my sister in Oz, informed of every detail as it unfolded, thank heavens for mobile phones!
I now know what it's like to be able to relax and enjoy what I'm doing without having to second guess every feeling and every flutter!
My mantra every day is to be grateful for the good stuff!!!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This and That

Our Beautiful little Molly is growing up so fast.
From that tiny little kitten to this gorgeous fluff ball with an attitude befitting the average teenager.

I just love this little cat, I can't believe how fast she's grown, not only in size but in personality and nature.

She's probably the most independent cat I've ever had which took me awhile to get used to, but now  I just love her stubborn little personality and her independence.
The similarity between her and our darling Gus is immense, of course she comes from the same family, but every day I'm reminded of Gus which is a lovely thing.

To other things, I have been trying to get to spend time doing crafty things for a while, and ironically, due to a health drama, I'm going to get  to spend time at home, so hopefully I can lose myself in the world of paper, paint, stamps and creativity.......so watch this space.

But in the meantime I have been knitting little beanies and booties for a couple of maternity hospitals. I love doing this and have had a ball in the last couple of months filling a couple of boxes, so if you like knitting for babies, and don't have a little one to knit for, I urge you to find your local maternity hospital, and make them a few bits and pieces, they will be very grateful.
So with that little update, I'm off to pick up my knitting.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Show Envy

Well I'm a tad jealous of my sister and her sister going to the Papercraft Expo in Brisbane at the weekend, but absolutely thrilled for them at the same time. The photos have sent me into orbit so I can only imagine what it was like to be there.
So much inspiration!!!!!!!
However I musn't be jealous I'm one weekend away from going to the Limor workshops at Scrapbook Paradise and I can't wait.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

So Far it's Been an Eventful Week......

It snowed on Monday night and then froze, we had to get Molly to the vet early on Tuesday morning to be speyed and the vet is higher up the hill than we are..... but with nerves of steel we made it, a couple of scary moments but we got there.
That was almost the easy part, then we had to occupy ourselves until it was time to pick the wee girl up. I was pretty scared about how she would be, but she was dozey but fine, her wee tummy's shaved and she's got the tiniest little scar. She slept most of last night  and even today she's  pretty sleepy, but she's good really. It's going to be hard to leave her tomorrow and go back to work but at least Faye will still be here and she'll take good care of her.
I've been working on Sam's graduation album again and I've got three pages to do and then I can send it to her, I love it heaps and I hope she days. It's been awesome to do it for her the photos are gorgeous and everyone brings back so many memories. Might have to do one for myself.

Actually I need to do one for myself, it was such a special day and one I never want to forget.
But right now I think it's time for bed, back to work tomorrow.....another week begins.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Autumn is Definitely Here....

it's been really cold the last few days but still very pretty with the Autumn sun, and the leaves changing colour. This weather, and of course having just come back from Scrap Camp, has kept my inspiration going and on my days off I was busy at my table creating. I love the peaceful feeling I get when I do this, the world slows down and I feel like I can breathe. A big change once I get back to work, when I feel like my brain is bombarded with ideas, facts and jobs which leaves my head spinning and before I know it I'm playing catch up.   But hey that's how it is for everyone these days I think.
Anyway on Tuesday, still on days off and still buzzing from Scrap Camp I did this page, I have to say I really love it. I had no idea when I started what I was going to do, I started with stenciling the doiley with Gesso and then cut a piece of Prima paper, stamped and inked to create the photo mat, cut and punched the strip for under the photo and placed it down. Got my new Kaisercraft background stamps and randomly stamped around the page. The little heart is special, my best friend Tatted it for me and it fitted beautifully on the page. from there it was a couple of stamped tags, and some flowers. The butterfly is very cool, it's on a thick transparency. Bought a packet of them at Warehouse Stationary.  I absolutely love this photo of Molly, she's got her kitten face on, which we don't see quite as much now as she is starting to grow into a little cat, which of course has brought on another worry, I have to have her speyed and I really don't want to put her through it. It seems pointless when I don't intend to let her outside, but when you buy a purebred cat you have to agree with the breeder that you will have it done. I understand it's to protect the breeders line but I just don't want to put her through anything bad...... ah dilemmas!
Anyway better go and do something, hope everyone's having a lovely day and enjoying the last of the Autumn sun.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Artful Crafts Challenge.

Well over at Artful Crafts their scrap challenge is animals so I couldn't resist doing a Molly layout.
I'm really in the "scrap groove" after spending the weekend at Scrap camp, it was a amazing....not much sleep but a lot of fun and fabulous company.
Thanks girls it was awesome.
Went a bit "experimental" with this one. Used the stamps like Washi tape, did the background with Gesso and some masks. Pretty happy with how it turned out actually.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Back to Scrapping....

and I have to say I'm loving it again. I had completely lost my mojo somewhere along the way, but I've definitely found it again. I guess after all this time it was only natural to lose the excitement but somehow it's back and this time when I think of an idea, it goes together really fast and I actually love the creative process again.
I'm so excited about going to Scrapcamp and just letting go of everything and playing in the creative process, like I did last night until 4am this morning. I know, crazy right? But it was fun and I love the canvas I created. I took some photos of the display in the Wall street Mall to celebrate Dunedin's ID Fashion week and just knew I had to do a canvas with them.
At the moment I seem to have so many photos I want to scrap and having a new printer is a big help when I want to do "in the moment" stuff.

But right now I have to go and help Molly find her large collection of balls which she loses all over the house, and then wanders around looking sad until someone finds them for her.
But who could resist this face?

So off on a ball search I go...


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

So March is here....

and sadly so is Autumn it seems. The summer was pretty scrappy but now it seems decidedly Autumn. 
I am sitting in my chair with my laptop and Miss Molly in her now normal place, squashed between my leg and the arm of the chair. She is growing so fast and has become very settled and loves to be with us and we are of course devoted to her. I am amazed at some of the traits she has that are similar to Gussie but she's very much her own girl that's for sure, quite independent, and yet very cuddly and huggy.
The only downfall to having a kitten in the house is I feel very nervous to get all my scrappy stuff out, but today I have a real urge to create so I think I'll have to be brave and get all my stuff out and just hope for the best.
Hopefully there'll be photos later.
I've got scrap camp in a couple of months so I have to find my mojo before then ......so here I go, lets see how far I get !!!!!!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Just couldn't resist sharing some more photos of Molly, she's very photogenic, the camera loves her that's for sure.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Been a while........

Since I've posted anything on my poor neglected blog, but a lot has happened in my world. This gorgeous little girl came to live with is three weeks ago, her name is Miss Molly Moonlight and she is Gus's half sister. She is absolutely adorable and we love her to bits. She settled in perfectly and you'd think she'd lived here for ever.
Apart from that I've been busy with work as usual and have been trying to cram in some scrapping, well at the moment I'm into my two Smash books, one of our trip to Oz and one with kitten photos of Molly, it's a quicker form of scrapping and more "diary like" I guess.
Anyway apart from that life's been fairly busy but the best bits involve our darling Molly who right now is sitting beside me waiting to pounce on the keyboard!!!!!! Lol!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Am I really Home Already?

Wow how the past week has flown, I have flown to Australia with my best friend, driven from Brisbane to Surfers Paradise, and back to Brisbane. We have explored the beaches, gone crazy over the shops, got lost driving at night, seen huge malls, wonderful shops, eaten great food but the biggest thing is we saw my darling niece graduate high school, and felt so proud and excited for her.
The graduation ceremony was held at the school in the morning and it was so uplifting and inspiring. The emotion level was very high I must admit, so proud to see my darling girl graduate high school.
But when it came to drama it had to be the ball at night. OMG! They went all out, it was a fairy tale event, held in a very beautiful hotel. The couples arrived in beautiful verteran cars, my niece and her partner, who is also her lovely boyfriend, in a blue and silver Impala. Her gorgeous black dress would have been at home on the red carpet at the Oscars. Everything was perfect except for the fact that only boys from the school were allowed to accompany the girls to the actual dinner and ball. Guests were welcome to stay for the presentation of the girls and then before the dinner and dance we were asked to leave, but what an experience, and of course what a huge night for the graduates.

I was so proud of our gorgeous girl, she just carried the whole thing off so well.
It was also lovely to meet her lovely boyfriend and some of her friends.
We went on to have many more adventures on the land of Oz, so watch this space.